Name The Walking Zombie 2
Package Name com.aldagames.zombieshooter
Category Action
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Version 3.7.0
Size 99 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Alda Games

the walking zombie 2 Comprehensive Review

The Walking Zombie 2 is the second version of The Walking Zombie series, which contributes to the success of the Alda Games. It is highly rated by millions of people all over the world. The game is built on a new context, revolving around a baby who luckily survives when being born in a post-apocalyptic world. This is not new anymore, but these imminent journeys will bring a lot of interesting moments!

The Walking Zombie 2

A Familiar Storyline

Based on the post-apocalyptic context, 21 years after the outbreak of the zombie pandemic. You are one of the lucky people who survived after the sweep of dearth. However, you have to face a harsh environment containing a lot of dangers. The government is trying to find a cure for zombies, and they seemingly struggle with those researches. It would be best if you held out to wait for a miracle result.

An Intriguing Gameplay

Generally, this game is quite interesting. You will go across each area on the map given by the game system, walking through a huge open environment consisting of many terrain factors like trees, barriers, and working projects. It would help if you wiped out the zombies which appear scattered to protect others or to carry out your given tasks from NPCs.

As for the control system, your screen will be divided into two parts: the left is for the moving area, and the right is for the target area. You touch each part for corresponding actions and don’t need to pull the trigger; the character will automatically shoot when your contemplation aims at the objects you can attack.

The Walking Zombie 2

A Wide Range of Challenges

Taking part in The Walking Zombie 2, you will cope with many challenges fighting against zombies and other monsters. Your goal is completely defeating all the threats in different levels to unlock and move to the next steps. Until the final boss is defeated and a research organization comes up with a natural remedy to neutralize those infected with the zombie virus, you will finish the game. Although The Walking Zombie 2 hack APK is a first-person shooter game, it develops content in survival and role-playing. That means you will meet NPCs and take their requirements. You can also easily interact, help, and trade with them.

Equipment System & Weapons

In terms of clothing, you can easily find hats, shoes, and clothes in the store. They don’t reinforce your character’s energy but create a cool appearance. There are three types of weapons, including the main weapon, secondary weapon, and bomb. We mostly focus on the main weapon because of the frequent use during the game. Although there are many locked guns like rifles, machine-gun, etc., for your reference, they will be unlocked in the future.

The main weapon can be upgraded into six stats, including Damage, Attack Speed, Magazine Size, Reload Time, Critical Damage, and Spread. And you have to care about those things as the difficulty of The Walking Zombie 2 will gradually increase.

The Walking Zombie 2

Features of the walking zombie 2 mod apk

The Walking Zombie 2 hack APK is the modified version of the original game that we share for entertainment and community purposes. Our professional developers edited the lines of code or content inside the APK file to add or unlock the limited features and then recompile them. In other words, The Walking Zombie 2 APK hacked version that provides you with premium characters, weapons, enemies and levels, etc. Indeed, The Walking Zombie 2 hacked APK provides many interesting experiences free of charge. Here is the non-exhaustive list of our MOD APK version.

  • Unlocked premium features free for Android
  • Karma system-good or bad actions for new competitions
  • Unlimited Money/Gold and Silver for in-game item purchases
  • High damage power/Infinite ammo/Immortal
  • A great number of stories and missions for you to explore
  • Interesting tasks and acquire high skill in sniping action series
  • Exchange goods and products with merchants in settlement
  • Own more fast transportation and adjust by stranged skins
  • Diversity of weapons with skins and fight in the huge open-world

The Walking Zombie 2

Tips & Tricks For The Walking Zombie 2 APK

Playing the new complex game is a learning process- it will take your time to understand the full details of the game. Here are some good tips and tricks to play The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK:

  • Perk: There are a lot of perks in this game. You should invest in things that help you quickly advance, like a bookworm, animal language. Besides, you can also learn other skills- teller is a great skill that will lower the price of everything in the game.
  • Complete the quests: The quest in the game is important. You need to complete them to advance and unlock more areas to explore. In addition, they will give you a wide range of XP.
  • Check out the trunk: There are usually some great items in the car’s trunk – open it up and find something like weapons, ammo, and more.
  • Change shooting settings: You will shoot whenever you move your sight over the zombies. To get more accurate shots and save ammo, you can change this in the settings.

Download Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK for Android

It is not difficult to install the Walking Zombie 2 Hack APK on your smartphone. You can rest assured about security and privacy issues since our expert team has tested all MOD APK files to ensure they are free from viruses and malware. All you need to do is to follow the step-to-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

Firstly, you need to enable your smartphone to accept apps from unknown sources. Then, open your device’s Settings and choose Security or Applications (depending on your devices). Then, tap on the “Unknown sources” button to enable it.

The Walking Zombie 2

Step 2: Download Walking Zombie 2 APK MOD

Before downloading the MOD APK file, you may need to uninstall the Walking Zombie 2 app if you have already installed it on your phone. Otherwise, you may encounter the install failed error.

Now, download the modded version of APK Walking Zombie 2 Hack free on Don’t close your browser before the download process finishes. We provide a high-speed download of the file, so it doesn’t take much of your time.

Step 3: Install Walking Zombie 2 APK Hack

When the download completes, search for the downloaded file in your notifications or your device’s File Manager, then tap on the Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK file to install it. Wait for the installation process to finish, then move to the next step.

Step 4: Enjoy Walking Zombie 2 APK Free

Reset your security settings to your preferred mode. Then, launch Walking Zombie 2 APK Hack and experience premium features for free! That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Walking Zombie 2

Is the walking zombie 2 offline?

The walking zombie 2 hack APK is a shooting game with a story and dozens of quests with different weapons- it allows us to play offline without an internet connection.

Can I play walking zombie 2 on PC?

The walking zombie 2 MOD APK is compatible with PC or laptops using Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, etc.

Should I buy a house in the walking zombie 2?

Do not buy a house because it produces very little ammo and is only useful for the end game.

How do you get free gas in walking zombie 2?

There are some codes for you to get free gas in this game:

  • THANKYOU – Gives you 10 Ananas Grenades.
  • KILLZOMBIE – Gives you 10 Rugby Grenades.
  • CHRISTMAS2019 – Gives you 20 Snow Grenades.
  • INEEDGAS – Gives you 30 gas

Why does the walking zombie 2 keep crashing?

The game is crashing in certain situations due to higher RAM demand. Clean your RAM as much as possible by closing other apps, restarting your phone, and trying that portion of the game again.

What are alternative games to The Walking Zombie 2 APK?

The best similar games to Walking Zombie 2 include Fallen Earth Free, The Fifth Day, Night Of the Loving Dead, Fallout 4, Last Hope on Earth, SURVIVAL: Postapocalypse Now, etc.

In conclusion, The Walking Zombie 2 is an interesting game that you should try. Besides allowing you to become a part of this world, this game surely gives you a chance to perform your skills. Download The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK free for Android now for more unlimited features!

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