Name Snowsted Royale
Package Name
Category Action
Version 1.6.15
Size 75 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Staay Interactive
Download Comprehensive Review is one of the most addictive games released by Geisha Tokyo, Inc. Geisha is a game developer famous for Bed Diving, Chocolaterie!, Traffic Run!, Sling and Jump, Rescue Machine, and Dinosaur Rampage. APK has received an average rating of 4.4/5.0 and much praise for its features on the Google Play Store. Let’s check out some notable ones in our brief review below.

Amazing Ice Arena

If you have always wished to enjoy all the best fun on a snowy playground, is the game you need. Though it looks very refreshing, this snow arena turns out to be extremely fierce. Players need to move and roll the snowballs to make them bigger. The rule is straightforward: more giant snowballs will win smaller ones. Hence, if you collide with other players, who have the more enormous snowballs will win. This fantastic ice arena is a survival land where only the fittest will survive.

Dynamic Skins

The Ice Arena does not have to constantly look cold because you can win beautiful skins and themes. offers many fancy skins, such as Santa Claus or superheroes, besides Ninja or Penguins. Your character will have different vehicles and exciting effects to match with the skin according to the skin. Challenge yourself to win as many characters and costumes as you can.

Exciting Ranking System

Hold on to your smartphone screen after clawing to create a giant snowball. You can swipe in either direction to move and push the enemy out of the arena. You will win exp points for winning each battle and move up the ranking system. Once you are at higher levels, your opponents will be more experienced, and the competitions will be even more competitive. Make sure to try your best in each battle to win as many points as possible to claim victory.

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Premium Unlocked

Once you play MOD APK, all of the premium features will be available for you. You can win more exp points thanks to unique tactics to move your snowballs around. You can easily create giant snowballs simultaneously and roll them in extraordinary routes to win more points. It does not matter if you fail the arena and lose a life because the premium features will revive you.

Snow Ninja Skin

One of the newest and most potent skins in is Snow Ninja Skin. This particular skin is not available for every player but only for those who download MOD APK. To obtain this specific skin, you need to tap on the Premium badge to activate it. Remember to tap three times to make sure you get the correct Snow Ninja Skin you want.

Tips & Tricks for APK

Now that you have got a detailed review of APK If you are new to this game, check out this quick guide below to gain an advantage over other players.

Utilize Random Kills

When you start in the arena, there are many players, which means you have many targets to attack. You don’t need any tactics for this stage. Randomly roll around the map and shoot yourself into every direction. You will bump into random people, and as long as your snowball stays in the arena, you win.

Level Up Quickly

After winning a certain number of points, you will reach a higher level. If you manage to continue the speed, you will soon unlock a new skin, and your stars will change colors. You will earn Silver rank at Level 3, Gold rank at Level 6, and Diamond rank at Level 9. For every new class, you will unlock a new skin to enjoy the eye-catching visual effects in the arena.

Use The Icebergs

Sometimes, you will see icebergs falling into the ocean while you are playing. If you notice, there is a red flash every time an iceberg is about to drop. You can knock an opponent onto that piece of the iceberg that is going to fall off. Hence, you can eliminate the opponents even when they are not close to the arena edge. Be careful that other opponents might also play the trick on you.

Obtain All Skins offers various skins once you accomplish specific tasks. You will win the Head Spinning Robot after playing for seven continuous days. Players who finish in first place in fifty games will obtain the Sledding Penguins. Meanwhile, a Skiing Penguin will be yours after you manage to eliminate one hundred players in total. Explore these skins and how to obtain them in the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to shoot the snowball at the opponent?

Once your snowball is giant enough, lift your finger off the smartphone screen to launch it at your opponent.

Will the arena stay the same through different levels?

Unfortunately, the arena will gradually sink into the ocean until only one player remains on it. That is why you need to take quick action and eliminate all opponents as fast as you can.

Are there advertisements in the game?

If you play MOD APK, you would not have to watch the in-game ads.

Is appropriate for children to play? is a general action game and is suitable for players of any age to enjoy.

What are some games similar to

You can check out The Big Hit, Nail Woman, Unruly Heroes, or Archer Hunter. is a highly addictive game, though the gameplay is straightforward. As you progress, you will learn the tricks and tactics to launch your snowballs more effectively. MOD APK also equips you with exclusive features to help you win faster and achieve more. There is nothing as exciting as enjoying a virtual snow fight with your friends and players around the world on a game. could become your ultimate means of entertainment.

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