Package Name com.playdead.limbo.full
Category Puzzle
Version 1.20.1
Size 113 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Playdead

limbo Comprehensive Review

limbo was released by Playdead, an independent game company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since its official launch, LIMBO APK has captured players’ attention worldwide with its fantastic gameplay, impressive graphics, and other notable features. Let’s take a quick look at some special highlights of this game!


Unique Thrilling Plot

LIMBO is your thrilling journey to lead a mysterious boy across the thousands of challenges to find his sister. There are deadly pitfalls along his adventure, which would claim his life if he makes a small mistake. Your job is to give him innovative solutions to conquer these dangerous challenges and win in the end. You will help him by solving the puzzles in LIMBO until there is no more puzzle to solve.

Simple Gameplay

The only controls in the game are going left or right, climbing or jumping over barriers. In particular cases, you also need to help the boy swing ropes to pass through deadly flames. Sometimes, when he faces dangerous animals, he has to push the barriers to protect himself from losing his own life. Therefore, you don’t need complicated controls to play LIMBO.

Haunting Graphics

LIMBO is among the very few games that have only black and white across the whole game. The overall atmosphere is very dark and dramatic, which makes the adventure even more mysterious. All of the characters and items in the game are in shades of black and gray, which could haunt the lighthearted players. The heart-pounding background sounds add to the drama, making each minute in the game a thrilling moment. In the vast darkness lies various dangers that the boy has to overcome with your help.


Beware Of The Traps

There is no safe way across the dark forest, and LIMBO once again proves that. The courageous boy makes his way through the woods while monsters are waiting in the dark. Sometimes, he will have to face artificial traps or thousands of electromagnets that could instantly kill him. Be careful of these traps to ensure the boy can avoid them significantly when they are activated.

In addition, you can avoid the deadly traps by helping the boy check his path carefully for any potential dangers. Besides, make sure he gets to the checkpoints to obtain special items that he can launch to keep him safe. More than ever, you need to show your intelligence and use your wits to help the boy reach his destination.

Features of limbo mod apk

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Tips & Tricks for LIMBO APK

Now that you have got a detailed review of the APK LIMBO game. If you are a new player, check out this quick guide below to gain an advantage in this game.


Use Spoiler Mode

Sometimes, you can not find a particular item or console because they are not visible. Most of the time, the things are inside a cataclysm bubble, away from your sight. In such cases, use the Spoiler Mode to interact with the items or consoles you want to obtain. Simply hold your CTRL to activate the Spoiler Mode and achieve your win.

Stealth Missions

If you get to a point where you need to pass through lasers, don’t hesitate to carry out the stealth missions in LIMBO. The boy can fearlessly pass through the lasers while he is in the rift. Remember that the enemies and sensor regulators can still identify the boy and give him some trouble.

Act Without Fear

Sometimes, the enemy spots you too quickly, and the alarm would go off very soon. To avoid a catastrophe, try to stasis or banish the enemy to prevent him from setting off the alarm. Another solution is to cataclysm the vault itself. You can always switch to Spoiler Mode to hack the objective.


Banish Your Allies Wisely

It may sound bizarre, but you can banish your allies when they are down. Later on, when you get to the rift safely, you can revive them quickly. Ask them to wait until the banish ticks down and remember to use minimum duration.

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Step 2: Download LIMBO APK MOD

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to exit the rift if the boy has been banished?

You can control him by tapping Shift to let him roll to the exit of the rift.

Is LIMBO appropriate for anybody to play?

Due to its violent reference, LIMBO is only suitable for mature players to enjoy.

What are some games similar to LIMBO?

You can check out these haunting games: Playdead’s INSIDE, Very Little Nightmares, BADLAND or Thimbleweed Park.

Can players change the graphic theme of the game?

LIMBO is famous thanks to its haunting graphics mimicking a horror movie. Therefore, there is no option to change the theme or the sound effects of the game.

How does the game decide if I finish a challenge?

LIMBO calculates the number of people alive in each challenge. You will win once you make less than five people die in the challenge.

LIMBO is by far the best horror game on the internet, and worldwide players appreciate its unique charms. Everything about the game is addictive, and you will indeed get lost in another thrilling world thanks to LIMBO. Download LIMBO MOD APK free to enjoy the full paid version of the game and all of its features.