Name Keeper of the Day and Night
Package Name org.hostedgames.keeperotdan
Category Casual
Mod Features Unlocked
Version 1.0.9
Size 7 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hosted Games

Graveyard Keeper Comprehensive Review

Graveyard Keeper is a terrifying game published by TinyBuild, an indie video game developer. The game has piqued the interest of global players thanks to its amazing gameplay and many other unique features.


Graveyard Keeper will bring you back to medieval times to experience a mysterious feeling that you never had before. In the beginning, your character gets hit by a car and wakes up in another world. Since there’s no way to get home, he unwillingly becomes a keeper of a local cemetery and opens a business there.

Managing a graveyard seems not an easy task since there are many things you have to do every day. However, a talking skull and ghostly characters will guide you step by step.

Your main duty is to take care of existing burial plots, collect resources to build graves and future plots for the cemetery. Sometimes, you will face slimes, bats, and many other creatures! Be careful as they can make you lose health points.

Graveyard Keeper

You also need to arrange your burial plots for the new dead and even those stuck between two worlds. Don’t be surprised if you find a corpse as a lost king of a certain dynasty. Everything can happen in this horror world!

Still, it does not mean Graveyard Keeper is in complete darkness. Besides those thrilling jobs, you can grow vegetables, plant gardens, or go fishing. Most importantly, you must come back home and go to sleep when darkness falls. This way, you can replenish your energy for a new day!

Coin And Trade

In Graveyard Keeper, you can do many things to earn coins, like selling crops, valuable tools, and completing quests. But prepare yourself for thrilling tasks! You will bury the dead, sell organs to the local butcher, and even gather alchemical ingredients to create poison and kill the townspeople.

Each non-player character has their own business. You can use coins to trade resources and tools with them. There are many types of coins: bronze, silver, and gold. 100 bronze coins exchange for 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coins exchange for 1 gold coin.

Graveyard Keeper

Graphics & Sound

Though the visual graphics are not as impressive as other role-playing games, it works enough to leave you terrified and shaken. Thanks to the LUT color correction, you will experience different times of the day, from dawn till night. When night comes, the light source becomes darker, adding more mystery to the village.

As for the sound effects, we recommend you wear earphones to enjoy them fully, especially when your character enters the dungeon. However, it would be best if TinyBuild can add more effects to the game, like the sounds of falling rain, roaring thunder, or the dawn chorus, etc.

Graveyard Keeper MOD APK Features

Graveyard Keeper MOD APK is the modified version that offers players more in-game resources than the original one. Here is a list of notable features of the MOD version:

  • Free to Download: You can download Graveyard Keeper MOD APK for free. It’s better than buying the original version on CH Play.
  • Unlimited Coins: You will receive unlimited coins to buy items necessary for your quests.
  • Unlimited Health: You will get unlimited health to deal with unexpected attacks from other creatures.
  • Infinite Energy: Your character always balances his energy, which means you can do many tasks effortlessly.
  • Infinite Graves: The MOD version allows you to unlock many graves in the game for free.
  • Auto-update: The MOD version can auto-update many new in-game items and areas on the map.
  • Auto-sync with the game: The MOD version also auto-syncs your progress so that you can continue playing on another device.

Graveyard Keeper

Tips & Tricks for Graveyard Keeper APK

Graveyard Keeper is not as simple as you might think, even if you get used to many role-playing games. There are tons of things you must pay attention to at the first onset. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to speed up your game progress:

Take Care Of Your Character

Try to make a good impression on Episcop (an in-game NPC) from the beginning. Focus on crafting new items, improving your tools, repairing broken things, and developing technologies. This way, the Episcop will enable you to enter the church and give you faith points for future development. Your character thereby will develop faster, speeding up your progress in the quests.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Special NPCs may give you many time-consuming quests. When you are assigned the task, try to fulfill their requirements as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, unexpected events may hinder your work and result in incomplete missions!

Graveyard Keeper

Start With Planting Carrots

Whenever you can access your farm, you should plant carrot seeds immediately! Sometimes, the donkey stops working for free and requires 5 carrots when he arrives. Hence, getting ready with your carrots is never unnecessary!

Improve Your Crops

If you want to develop your crops, nothing is better than using proper fertilizers. Go to the alchemy workbenches, and create your best fertilizers with these necessary poisons: flavor enhancer, growth enhancer, and energy elixir.

Besides fertilizers, the seed quality also impacts the development of your crop. Rather than using normal seeds, combine both silver seeds and good fertilizers to create a gold harvest!

Download Graveyard Keeper MOD APK for Android

It is not difficult to install the Graveyard Keeper hack APK on your smartphone. You can rest assured about security and privacy issues since our expert team has tested all MOD APK files to ensure they are free from viruses and malware. All you need to do is to follow the step-to-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

Firstly, you need to enable your smartphone to accept apps from unknown sources. Then, open your device’s Settings and choose Security or Applications (depending on your devices). Then, tap on the “Unknown sources” button to enable it.

Graveyard Keeper

Step 2: Download Graveyard Keeper APK MOD

Before downloading the MOD APK file, you may need to uninstall the Graveyard Keeper app if you have already installed it on your phone. Otherwise, you may encounter the install failed error.

Now, download the modded version of Graveyard Keeper free on Don’t close your browser before the download process finishes. We provide a high-speed download of the file, so it doesn’t take much of your time.

Step 3: Install Graveyard Keeper Hack APK

When the download completes, search for the downloaded file in your notifications or your device’s File Manager, then tap on the Graveyard Keeper MOD APK file to install it. Wait for the installation process to finish, then move to the next step.

Step 4: Enjoy Graveyard Keeper’s Premium Features

Reset your security settings to your preferred mode. Then, launch Graveyard Keeper hacked APK and experience premium features for free! That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Graveyard Keeper

Is Graveyard Keeper worth trying?

Yes, it is. Graveyard Keeper is similar to Stardew Valley, but you will manage the corpses, not crops. This is a fancy role-playing game for those bored with farming work and wanting something more exciting!

What would happen if my character dies in Graveyard Keeper?

If you lose when facing a monster or unknowingly walk into flames, you will run out of health points and die immediately! However, the game will not take any points or resources in your progress. If you die, you will revive in your bed soon after.

What are the best alternatives to Graveyard Keeper?

Some excellent role-playing games similar to Graveyard Keeper are Shop Heroes, Real Farm, Project Highrise, Do Not Feed The Monkeys, and My Time At Portia.

In a nutshell, Graveyard Keeper is an excellent game for those who want to enjoy a horror experience. You will definitely feel drawn into that medieval world with a perfect combination of ghostly scenes and frightful sound effects. If you’re ready to conquer the darkness, download Graveyard Keeper MOD APK free and enjoy the game now!

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