Name adidas Training
Package Name
Category Health & Fitness
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Version 7.9
Size 58 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Adidas Runtastic

Download adidas training Premium Unlocked Mod APK

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to hit the gym and stay fit can be a challenge. Thankfully, technology has made it easier for us to stay in shape with fitness apps like adidas Training. This app offers a variety of workout programs and features that can help you achieve your fitness goals. In this article, we will explore the adidas training premium unlocked mod apk version and how it can enhance your fitness journey.

Introduction to adidas Training

adidas Training is a popular app developed by Adidas Runtastic that focuses on providing users with personalized fitness plans and workout routines. With over 180 exercises and workout plans designed for various fitness levels, this app is perfect for both beginners and experienced gym-goers.

Download adidas training mod apk

The adidas Training mod apk version offers a premium unlocked experience for users who want to access all the features without any limitations. This version allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the premium version for free, including personalized training plans, advanced statistics, and access to exclusive workouts.

By downloading the adidas Training mod apk, you can take your fitness journey to the next level without having to worry about in-app purchases or subscriptions. It provides a seamless experience where you can explore all the premium features and make the most out of your workouts.

Key Features of adidas Training Premium Unlocked Mod APK

The adidas Training Premium Unlocked mod apk version offers a range of exciting features that can enhance your fitness routine. Let’s take a closer look at some of these key features:

Personalized Training Plans

With adidas Training, you can create personalized training plans based on your fitness goals and preferences. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve endurance, this app has got you covered. The premium unlocked mod apk version allows you to access all the training plans and customize them according to your needs.

Advanced Statistics

Tracking your progress is essential when it comes to fitness. The adidas Training Premium Unlocked mod apk version provides advanced statistics that allow you to monitor your performance and see how you are improving over time. From calories burned to distance covered, you can keep track of all your workout data.

Exclusive Workouts

The premium unlocked mod apk version gives you access to exclusive workouts that are not available in the free version. These workouts are designed by fitness experts and cater to different fitness levels. Whether you prefer high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or low-impact exercises, you can find a workout that suits your needs.

Offline Mode

One of the standout features of the adidas Training app is its offline mode. With the premium unlocked mod apk version, you can download your favorite workouts and access them even when you don’t have an internet connection. This is perfect for those who travel frequently or have limited access to the internet.

Technical Details of adidas Training

Before downloading the adidas Training mod apk, it’s important to know the technical details of the app. This will help ensure compatibility with your device and avoid any issues during installation. Here are the key technical details:

  • Package Name:
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Latest Version: 7.9
  • File Size: 58 MB
  • System Requirements: Android 8.0 and above
  • Publisher’s Name: Adidas Runtastic

Now that you have a better understanding of the adidas Training Premium Unlocked mod apk version and its features, you can take your fitness journey to new heights. Remember to always prioritize your safety and consult with a professional before starting any new workout program. Download the adidas Training mod apk today and start working towards a healthier and fitter you!

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