Package Name io.wormate
Category Arcade
Version 4.0.17
Size 70 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Oleksandr Godoba

wormateio Comprehensive Review

Having been available for only 5 years, wormateio has attracted an incredibly high number of players — over 11 million people worldwide. It has also been installed around 18 million times on different types of mobile gadgets. Perhaps, the game’s popularity is a result of its interesting and straightforward design.

Easy-to-learn Rules

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You only have to direct the worm towards food so it can grow bigger. As the worm consumes sweets and becomes larger, you can trick other players’ worms into crashing against your pet. It’s also important to avoid any self-collision because if your worm hits itself, the game will end.

To make your worm stronger, you can take advantage of in-game boosters such as the green potion (which increases your pet’s speed), or the orange one (which speeds up your worm’s growth).

Customizable Characters

At the start of the game, it’s possible to design your own worm. You can customize everything from its face to the body’s stripes. This way, you can show your own personality, and even create a worm with your country’s flag on it. Also, it’s easy for you to spot your character every time you play. Plus, it’s a nice way of showcasing your creative flair, building your unique worm, and bringing it out into battle.

Two Playing Modes

It’s undeniable that the possibility of winning can bolster gaming enthusiasts. In, you’ll compete with players from all over the world to survive till the end of the game and set high scores. It can be fun to test your skills and see where you stand in comparison to hundreds of other opponents.
The game also has two modes: team deathmatch & deathmatch. You’ll be able to play with a maximum of 300 people.

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Tips & Tricks for APK

Every game comes with its own set of tricks that facilitate winning. To win, check out the tips below.

Grow Your Worm Quickly

This strategy can help your worm become a fearsome force in the game. When your worm is big, small worms are more likely to bump into it. This, in turn, gives your pet insect more candy.
In addition, having a large worm gives you a wider view of the game’s map. As a result, you’ll notice your opponents’ approach more easily.

Run In Circles

On the left side of the game screen, there is a small map that tells you which areas are crowded and which are unoccupied. I recommend looking at it from time to time to know where to move. More importantly, trying running in circles is a way to eliminate other worms. Encircle small worms and isolate them. Eventually, they’ll bump against your pet and die as a result.

Eat Sweets & Other Worms

When you want to eat sweets and dead worms, speeding up can help, especially when you’re competing with a large number of players.

Another tip is to run parallel with the worm you want to kill. Then, change direction abruptly so your target bumps against your character. All you have to do afterward is to eat the dead worm.

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Step 2: Download APK MOD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to play Wormate with friends?

You and your friends can play on the same server by coincidence. However, there’s no way to plan a game with only your buddies.

How do you win while playing APK?

To win, you must have the biggest worm and reach number 1 on the leaderboard.

What can I do to unlock skins in

To get new skins, you need to share the game on your social media accounts. The good thing is you can do this without going through any registration process. Currently, there are over thirty different skins players can use.

How do I play APK?

The game is accessible through browsers and Android & iOS app stores. To control the worm, simply move your mouse or finger in the direction you want it to go. Moving your finger to the left will lead the worm to the left, for example.

How to deal with login problems in Wormate APK?

There are different reasons why you cannot log in to your account. Any of the following can prevent users from signing in.

  • The game’s server is offline
  • Your internet connection is unstable
  • You entered the incorrect login information
  • Your account has been deactivated, or you have been banned from playing

What is the most powerful weapon in worm

  • Armageddon
    Armageddon, the most powerful weapon in the Worms series, debuted in Worms Armageddon, which may have been named after the weapon. It is a superweapon as a result of

In conclusion, provides users with straightforward but exciting gameplay. Indeed, you have the opportunity to compete against many players while utilizing different strategies. Download MOD APK to experience the game in all its glory! Also, if you have any thoughts on hack APK, feel free to share them with us below.

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