Name The Battle Cats
Package Name
Category Strategy
Mod Features Unlimited Cat Food/XP
Version 12.7.0
Size 180 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher PONOS Corporation

the battle cats Comprehensive Review

The Battle Cats is a Tower Defense, real-time strategy game originally released in Japan under the name Nyanko Daisensou by PONOS Corporation. Currently, the game has millions of users on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS. As one of the interesting games, The Battle Cats has many highlights that attract more and more players.


The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats is about the great battle between two armies of cats and other creatures. You have to pick a team of cats with varying powers and abilities to defeat enemies to defend the cat base (or the Cat Cannon). To be more detailed, you send a massive roster of cats to a 2D battlefield and control them to defeat opponents, save a base equipped with a cannon, and level up to the next level.

There are over 300 cats with funny appearances in this game for you to select to use in the battle. In each stage, you are only able to carry 10 different kinds of cats. To make your cats have more power, you can level them up. Upon reaching level 10, you can see that your cats become tremendously powerful, much more than those at the first level.

The game has 3 primary stories, Empire of Cats (EoC), Into the Future (ItF), and Cats of the Cosmos (CotC), each of which consists of 3 chapters.

Besides, The Battle Cats also has 2 other chapters, the Catclaw Dojo and The Legend Stages.

In the Legend Stages, there are 2 stories, namely Stories of Legend (SoL) and Uncanny Legends (UL). You can unlock the latter only when completing the former.

In the Catclaw Dojo, you can try to kill spawning enemies as many as possible in a specific period and participate in some collaboration stages. You can receive limitless Speed Ups and Cat CPUs, but you cannot utilize other items. In this chapter, the base health is unlimited, and you don’t get any money when killing your enemies.

Cat units

The Battle Cats

The cats are the game protagonists that possess different senses, designs, and abilities. Some of them may be different from typical cats. They may be equipped with external objects such as machines. All units in the Battle Cats have unique cat faces or cat-shaped objects.

In terms of rarity, cat units fall into 6 categories: Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare, and Uber Super Rare to Legend Rare. So naturally, the rarer cats are, the more power they have.

However, they cost more to deploy and are slower to recharge. Besides, there are three sub-types, namely Li’l (Special), Legend (Special), and Crazed (Super Rare).

Each cat unit can switch among its three different forms throughout the battle. These forms are Normal, Evolved, and True, each with a unique name, look, stats, and capabilities.

It’s worth noting that each unlocked unit can only access its Normal Form. When you reach level 10, the Evolved form is unlocked, and this form has better health and a more powerful attack capacity. However, True Forms may have changeable requirements based on the unit.

For example, all Normal Cats can reach their True Form at level 20 10. At level 30, a set amount of XP and Catfruit can help unlock Gacha Cats’ True Forms.


In terms of graphics, the game highlights the simplicity yet still engages players in the battle. The colors are very bright, and what makes the game different from others is the animals. They are designed with a few basic strokes but look relatively funny and strange.

In addition to its excellent graphics, the Battle Cats game is indeed a fantastic entertainment game with music. The BGM is so catchy; especially the BGM of regular battle can leave a deep impression on the players. And we bet that you will never forget it once you hear the game’s wonderful music.

The Battle Cats

the battle cats mod apk Features

Unlimited XP/Cat Food

The Battle Cats APK hacked can give players plenty of XP and Cat Food. But keep in mind that you cannot restore the amount of XP & Cat Food to its original state as you have used all of them. Indeed, with the modified version of the Battle Cats, you can enjoy a great gaming experience with open play, ad-free sensation, unlimited XP, and many more.

A Variety Of Cats

Players can have various choices regarding the fighting cat squad to arrange a different strategy. Depending on the type of enemies you encounter, you can select the most suitable cats. Some characters have more power to counter their enemies, but it takes time to learn this. You can gain an edge if you pick the suitable cats in a specific match for each battle.

Cat Upgrade

To have greater strength, you need to upgrade your soldier cats in the troops regularly. If you keep the original state, perhaps it is hard for your cats to withstand their enemies. Hence, it’s time you did something to prevent that. One strategy is to use the money to strengthen your cats through convincing stats. In addition, you can delete certain sections for XP detection, which helps you update your cats.

Free Gems & Rewards

Additionally, you can embark on a journey to explore the world with your cat armies and collect many treasures after different challenges. How wonderful it is when you pull down the enemies’ towers and obtain rewards. Additionally, the Battle Cats game offers attractive tips every day that you can get by working on the game. Also, with the prizes rolled up, you can enjoy gathering epic prizes at the end of each week or month.

download the battle cats mod apk for Android

The Battle Cats

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Step 1: Download The Battle Cats APK MOD

Before downloading the MOD APK file, you may need to uninstall the PlayStore Version of The Battle Cats app if you have already installed it on your phone.

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Step 3: Install The Battle Cats APK Hack

Search for the downloaded file in your notifications or your device’s file manager, then tap on The Battle Cats MOD APK file to install it. Wait for the installation process to finish, then move to the next step.

Step 4: Enjoy The Battle Cats Free

Reset your security settings to your preferred mode. Then, open The Battle Cats hacked APK and enjoy your game!

In brief, each story in The Battle Cats can exert a deep impression on players. Your enemies have different shapes, powers and can change at different levels. Therefore, you should be alert to fight against them with strategic moves. To avoid the problems of limited resources, you can download The Battle Cats MOD APK free. Then, you can set out to regain peace for the world. Enjoy – meow!

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