Name Temple Run 2
Package Name com.imangi.templerun2
Category Action
Mod Features Unlimited Coins/Gems
Version 1.106.0
Size 124 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Imangi Studios

Features of temple run 2 MOD APK

temple run 2 mod apk is created by cracking the official Temple Run 2 game. In other words, it is a modified version of the original game released by third-party developers. While you have to pay to use premium features, the Temple Run 2 APK hack version allows you to experience all paid features for free. The features of the latest Temple Run 2 MOD APK for Android include:

  • All Maps Unlocked
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Decorated themes
  • All characters unlocked
  • Unlimited coins

Temple Run 2 Comprehensive Review

Following the success of the first part, Imangi Studios published Temple Run 2 in 2013 along with several themed versions of the game, like Temple Run: Oz and Temple Run: Brave. According to the developer, the franchise reached 1 billion downloads in 2014. It’s a freemium model available on the App Store, Google Play, Windows, or Poki.

Temple Run 2


In this game, you will be an explorer who got lost in a mystical jungle. You find what seems to be an antique temple with a horrible curse. The person who wakes up the temple shall encounter tragedy. Unfortunately, you annoy the guarding monster. If you don’t want to be its delicious meal, you need to run as fast as you can.


The game has simple gameplay. Temple Run 2 players need to lead their characters to escape from the monster. The general control mechanism is to swipe your fingers on the screen to make a turn. When you see obstacles, swipe up or down to jump over or slide down.

On the running track, there are coins and precious rewards. To collect them, you tilt your mobile devices in different directions. You can use coins to upgrade your skills and buy new characters. Gems are helpful when you want to revive and continue the game. Other prizes can help to unlock characters or costumes.

After your runs, you may reach achievement and receive rewards. When you accomplish enough objectives, you get to the next level. The higher the level is, the more prizes you have. There are some level marks. At level 5, you gain a Coin Bonus power, which gives you 50 coins when you activate. At level 13, together with existing strengths, you have a Gem Bonus power.


Temple Run 2

Players can upgrade or purchase the characters they want. Each character owns abilities that affect your running. For instance, with Shield Duration, you can lengthen the existence of the Shield to protect yourself from obstacles. You can boost skills using coins and gems. There’s one special power-up: the Bolt, a combination of Boost and Coin Magnet, from Usain Bolt.

Besides boosting characters, you can buy new ones. More than 15 Temple Run 2 characters are available when you download the game. At first, Guy Dangerous and Scarlet Foxx are default characters. However, you can later unlock others, for example, Usain Bolt and Bruce Lee, when you have enough coins. There are also seasonal characters that are updated throughout the year.


There are many unique maps, two of which are free: Sky Summit and Frozen Shadows. Others can be purchased using gems or money. Each map involves particular challenges. When you open it, you receive specific characters and rewards. Your experience with Temple Run 2 will surely elevate thanks to this feature.

In-app Purchases

Players can purchase characters and game packs in the shop. They include new maps and new outfits for the runner. In addition, coins and gems are available at different prices. These purchases will go towards a new skin and a few extra resource packs. As such, here are the additions and prices, if you do choose or consider paying for them:

Usain Bolt Skin: $0.99
Big Bag of Gems: $4.99
Smaller Handful of Gems: $0.99

You can remove advertisements from the game using currency.

Sound & Graphics

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 music is something that fixes players’ attention. The playback matches the game theme, which is rapid and exciting. The sound effects are realistic too. The sound of nature on each map is satisfying to hear. Moreover, when you trip over an obstacle, the guarding monster roars suddenly, making your heart pound.

Graphics play another vital part in this exciting game. Visually, the game has improved a lot now with clear and vibrant 3D graphics. There are distinct facial features on every character. Additionally, each map owns typical color themes and traits, which makes the game exceptional.

Tips & Tricks for Temple Run 2

Prioritize Upgrades

Those upgrades are what you need to get a super high score. Ensure that you spruce up your coin upgrades first when you’re at the upgrade menu. Also, take advantage of the score multiplier and pickup spawn upgrades. Getting these upgrades helps you obtain more coins and higher scores. Sometimes you need to use coins to upgrade the coin magnet ability and the shield duration and boost distance.

Take Actions Timely

During running, there are numerous challenges and terrains, such as rivers, ziplines, and bridges. You need to pay attention to the running track as a whole because there may be surprises. When avoiding obstacles, make sure that you have the right timing. Jumping too soon or dodging too late can make you stumble or even lose the game.

Utilize Jump and Slide

The jump and slide combo is the move that allows you to go far in Temple Run 2. There are obstacles and quick turns right next to each other in some stages. Therefore, use a jump or slide will help you overcome these seemingly impossible pit stops. When you are sliding, you can enter into a jump right away.

Temple Run 2

Use Power-ups Wisely

Power-ups are helpful, especially when you run faster afterward. At the top left corner of the screen, there is a coin bar. When you fill the bar, double-tap anywhere to activate the chosen power. Try not to slip, as you will “drop” the coins, and you will have to recollect them. If you want a fast start, you can use boost-ups at the beginning of the run.

download temple run 2 mod apk for Android

It is a breeze to install the Temple Run 2 hack APK on your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about security issues since our expert team has tested all MOD APK files to ensure they are free from viruses and malware. All you need to do is to follow the step-to-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

Firstly, you need to enable your device to accept apps from unknown sources. Then, open your device’s Settings and choose Security or Applications (depending on your devices). Then, tap on the “Unknown sources” button to activate it.

Step 2: Download Temple Run 2 APK MOD

Before downloading the MOD APK file, you may need to uninstall the PlayStore Version of the Temple Run 2 app if you have already installed it on your phone. Otherwise, you may encounter an installation failed error.

Now, download Temple Run 2 MOD APK from the download page. Don’t close your browser before the download process finishes. We provide a high-speed download of the file, so it doesn’t take much of your time. When the download completes, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Install Temple Run 2 Apk Hack

Search for the downloaded file in your notifications or your device’s File Manager, then tap on the Temple Run 2 MOD APK file to install it. Wait for the installation process to finish, then move to the next step.

Step 4: Enjoy Temple Run 2 For Free

Reset your security settings to your preferred mode. Then, launch Temple Run 2 MOD hacked APK and enjoy unlimited money/coins/gems and all unlocked characters for free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need an Internet connection to play the game?

There’s no need for you to have internet access to play this game. But remember that you cannot receive daily and weekly rewards or challenges when you go offline.

How to gain scores in Temple Run 2?

Players get scores from activities such as running, collecting coins, and treasure boxes. Scores are multiplied, so you can upgrade the multiplier to get a higher score.

Is it possible to get my lost process back?

If you connect Temple Run 2 to iCloud or Google Play, you won’t lose most of your progress. However, coins, gems, and streak progress cannot be kept in the Cloud.

Temple Run 2 amazes players with its excitement and realism, which is worth a try. It’s got easy gameplay, appealing characters, and a mesmerizing design. Download Temple Run 2 MOD APK Free now and join the mysterious adventures anywhere you can imagine!

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