Name Root Board Game
Package Name com.direwolfdigital.root
Category Board
Version 1.31.2
Size 61 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Dire Wolf Digital

root board game Comprehensive Review

root board game is a board game released by Dire Wolf Digital, a game developer with other games such as Dire Wolf Game Room, Eternal Card Game, Flatline, Fuse, Clank!, and Clank! In! Space!. On the Google Play Store, Root Board Game has received an average rating of 4.7/5.0 and 10,000+ installs. Let’s check out some of the notable features of APK Root Board Game in our brief review below.

Root Board Game

A Unique Game Story

Root Board Game is all about the journey of the nefarious Marquise de Cat and her fellow creatures. Marquise has gathered an Alliance of forest creatures to harvest the riches of the woodland and strengthen its recourses. The Alliance would need to enlist the Vagabonds during their attempts since they can move across the hazardous woodland paths. Throughout the journey, they will face contests to create the future of the woodland, and the players will decide the outcome.

A Variety of Characters

Every character in the game has its role, and they will either compete or collaborate. If you choose to be a cat, the game will offer you many resources to control your army and build buildings. You can also recruit many more troops to join hands to prepare for war. At the same time, Vagabonds only fight for money. Therefore, they would mostly trade and serve powers to obtain money. The golden rule in Root Board Game is to understand the different characters and their unique abilities.

Attractive Graphics

Root Board Game offers realistic 3D graphics, bringing players to the fairyland under the ruling of Marquise de Cat. All of the characters in the game have their special characteristics, which impress players in different ways. From their unique costumes to medieval weapons, they look like real war heroes fighting for rewards.

Root Board Game

Non-stop Expansion

The game never ceases to expand its characters and story to engage with players even more. Recently, Root Board Game welcomes two new factions and extra Vagabond variants into the game. The new factions in the game are Riverfolk Company and Lizard Cult. The Riverfolk Company is all about making profits by establishing trade posts. Meanwhile, the Lizard Cult is here to radicalize new acolytes and reveal your proselytizing power.

Features of root board game mod apk

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Root Board Game

Tips & Tricks of Root Board Game APK

Now that you have got a detailed review of APK Root Board Game. If you are new to this game, check out this quick guide below to gain an advantage over other players.

Control Mechanical Marquise 2.0

The Mechanical Marquise 2.0 is a simple bot that can help you fill out the player count in dozens of configurations. Don’t get fooled by how straightforward it seems. You should always have one player keep an eye on this bot to make sure it behaves correctly.

Know Automated Alliance Well

This Automated Alliance is exceptionally zealous, and they often revolt. You should never forget their targets to avoid unexpected issues. It will be a matter of acting in time when the Automated Alliance establishes a foothold. You don’t want to wait until they can consolidate their warriors. Try to act in time to save your alliance and your woodland.

Root Board Game

Become Friend or Foe

Occasionally in the game, you will interact with the Vagabot. For most players, the Vagabot is not exactly a friend nor a foe, but depending on how well you deal with them. The Vagabot may reward those who craft items, but he could become a perilous enemy. Therefore, try to take defend yourself once the Vagabot gets enough materials to boost his ultimate hits.

Save Your Cat Warriors

After the deadly battles, your Cat Warriors may get wounded, and you need to treat them in time to save them. By using a card of the Field Hospital from your hand, you can immediately save the wounded warriors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Root Board Game

What can I do at the workshop?

The workshop in Root Board is where the Marquise de Cat crafts the cards. This is an important place to craft the correct cards at the proper time to win battles and proceed.

What does the Sawmill do?

To harvest the riches of the woodland, you should use the Sawmill to generate the wood supply for the kingdom.

Can children play Root Board Game?

Root Board Game is a general game that is suitable for players of any age.

Can I play with my friends in Root Board Game?

You should check out the Co-op Play to team up with your mates to defeat deadly automated enemies.

What are alternatives to Root Board Game?

You can check out Talisman, Reiner Knizia Yellow & Yangtze, or Laterns: The Harvest Festival.

Root Board Game could easily be more exciting than its tabletop version, thanks to the realistic graphics in the game. You can easily accomplish tasks to proceed with speed and victory, thanks to the exclusive features. Download Root Board Game MOD APK free to become the ultimate victor of this magical woodland.