Name Pokémon UNITE
Package Name jp.pokemon.pokemonunite
Category MOBA
Size 486 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher The Pokémon Company

Pokemon Unite Comprehensive Review

In mid-2020, Timi Studios and The Pokemon Company officially revealed the first images of Pokemon Unite, attracting significant attention from the gaming community and Pokemon fans worldwide. According to the publishers, Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game with similar gameplay to DOTA 2 and League of Legends with fascinating features. You may like Pokemon Go MOD APK

Interesting Gameplay

As a strategic Moba game, Pokemon Unite emphasizes tactics and teammates’ cooperation to go to victory. In this game, you and your teammates have to attack and destroy the enemy towers and accumulate points to defeat the opponent. There are two sides on this MOBA map, each of which has five points according to the five positions of the team. You need to knock down your opponents to get Pokemons and also protect your points.

Typically, since each Pokemon has varying powers in different positions, you should select your path on the map depending on your Pokemon kinds. A good team often divides the lanes in this pattern: Attacker & Defender Pokémon for the Top Path, Speedster Pokémon for the Middle Path, and All-Rounder & Supporter Pokémon for the Bottom Path.

Pokemon Unite

Diverse Characters

More than 20 Pokemon are available in Pokemon Unite, such as Alolan Cinderace, Ninetails, Eldegoss, Absol, Pikachu, Blastoise, etc. Each plays a different role in the game and achieves tremendous potential when in the appropriate positions on the map. Also, you can capture wild Pokemon throughout the game to diversify your collection.

There are five types of Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite game:

  • Attacker: Pokémon with low endurance, yet it can exert extreme damage to the opponents.
  • Defender: Pokémon with high endurance and remarkable ability to defend allies and hinder opponents.
  • Speedster: Pokémon with high mobility and offense and can make quick attacks and score points.
  • All-Rounder: Pokémon with balanced offense and endurance that can best work as a highly tenacious fighter.
  • Supporter: Pokémon that can heal allies and inflict status conditions on the opponents.

It’s worth noting that some Pokemons have different levels of evolution. When they reach the required level in the battle, they can change their shape or appearance to be more robust and attractive.

Pokemon Unite

Different Game Modes

Like most Pokémon games, Pokemon Unite provides you with numerous game modes. There are currently 3 primary modes, including:

  • Standard Battle: This is an arena with a 5vs5 match size. In this game mode, there are three different options. You can play with the other 4 players against the CPU, play with random players or join a match among 10 players in your friend list.
  • Ranked Match: This game mode’s match size is still 5vs5, and it’s unlocked after you have reached Trainer level 6. Once you win in the ranked match, you will receive different rewards or points to increase your rank.
  • Quick Battle: This includes 4vs4, 3vs3 arenas. With a 4vs4 match, you will be able to choose 1 of 2 different maps to fight. It is similar to the standard game mode, but the time of each match is shorter with a smaller number of players.

Graphics & Sounds

Pokemon Unite

Graphics are one of the impressive highlights of Pokemon Unite. The characters and Pokemons are incredibly detailed, so they look like those in the Pokemon cartoons. In addition, the arenas are meticulously designed with their unique features, increasing the appeal of the battles.

In addition, this game has background music with a light, joyful melody, giving players a great sense of relaxation. When players join the matches, the background music will change, creating drama and excitement for more attractive battles.

Features of Pokemon Unite MOD APK

Pokemon UNITE MOD APK is created by cracking the official app. In other words, it is a modified version of the original application released by third-party developers. The APK hack version allows you to activate One Hit Kill mode. You can choose to turn it on/off at anytime time during the battle. Please note that there is a likelihood of you being blocked from using this modded version. At the same time, malfunctions may occur sometimes, so contact us whenever you need support.

Tips & Tricks for Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite

To win any game, you need to come up with wise strategies or tactics. Below are some of the essential tips and tricks for you to succeed in pokémon unite.

Balance Between Kills/Objectives

One of the sensible strategies is to pay equal attention to defeating Pokemon and achieving your goals. If you focus on either, you may risk being under-leveled or losing points, making it harder for your whole team to fight. If you are under-leveled, you can search for and defeat the Wild Pokemon in your areas on the map.

Do Not Go Off On Your Own

Like other MOBA games, it’s not a good idea to set off on your own in Pokemon Unite. Cooperate with your teammates to receive timely support when necessary in the Normal or Ranked Match mode. The only situation to stand on your own two feet is within your team’s map area. At that point, it’s relatively safe to level up by defeating wild Pokemons.

Focus On A Single Enemy At A Time

Pokemon Unite

Avoid spreading your damage too thin throughout the clashes. It’s advisable to limit your focus to just 1 or 2 enemies at a time. Adopting this strategy, you can receive more benefits when support attacks hit, and your team’s Attackers finish off your opponents’ strikes.

Use Jump Pads To Get Around

You can take advantage of multiple Jump Pads to move around the map fast. There are 4 regular Jump Pads around the map’s central area. Another one called a Super Jump pad will appear on your base in the half of the match. You can track allies’ positions on the minimap and determine when clashes occur and who needs backup. Remember that Pokemon UNITE is a team game, so always work together to realize your team’s shared goal.

Download Pokemon Unite MOD APK for Android

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Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

Firstly, you need to enable your smartphone to accept apps from unknown sources. Then, open your device’s Settings and choose Security or Applications (depending on your devices). Then, tap on the “Unknown sources” button to enable it.

Pokemon Unite

Step 2: Download Pokemon Unite APK MOD

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Step 4: Enjoy Pokemon Unite

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pokemon Unite

Does Pokemon Unite have controller support?

For the Canadian beta of Pokemon UNITE, there is no controller support. But this feature is now available on Switch. The game also supports the switch Joycons, and the mobile versions are expected to support controllers soon.

Are there items in Pokemon Unite?

There are three main types of items in this game, including:

  • Held Item: Items that are upgradeable and help to increase the Pokemon’s stats.
  • Battle Item: Items with a cooldown that can create temporary buffs and cannot be upgraded.
  • Berry: Item that appears on the map.

Since Pokemon UNITE is a team game, items are not the most important things. Instead, good tactics or strategies have more to do with your evolving move set and levels in the game.

Are there any towers in Pokemon Unite?

No. Instead of towers, this game has scoring zones. In other words, if towers are your objectives in most MOBA games, you have to attack the scoring zones in Pokemon UNITE. When an adequate number of coins is scored, the scoring zone will be pulled down.

Is it possible to rank up in Pokemon Unite?

Yes. You have to win matches to level up a class in Pokemon UNITE. You will earn a point towards the next class when you win a battle, whereas losing will deduct a point in return. When you have won more than you’ve lost, you’ll rank up constantly.

Are there camps in Pokemon Unite?

Yes, but they’re different from other MOBA games. In Pokemon UNITE, the camps give buffs to your characters in battle. This game has an interior area for battling wild Pokemons to accumulate more XP or housing a team objective like a battle with a legendary Pokemon.

Where to obtain items in Pokemon Unite?

Items are available in the Item Store, where you can use real money to purchase. You can also get the things you need with your earned rewards/gems. If you decide to buy any pieces of stuff, make a wise decision. Look at the builds of your favorite Pokemon and understand your item guide before buying it.

In conclusion, Pokemon Unite provides you with many new and exciting elements of the Moba series. Besides relieving your beautiful childhood memories of funny Pokemons, it also brings fascinating matches. Download Pokemon Unite MOD APK free now to get the ultimate gaming experience!

Is Pokemon Unite is offline game?

No. You need an internet connection to play pokémon unite with other players.

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