Name Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition
Package Name com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket
Category Survival
Mod Features Unlocked, Speed Up
Version 1.19.18
Size 478 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Klei Entertainment Inc.


Pockets Build Mod Apk is a game developed by MoonBearLabs that immerses you in a world full of mystery, danger and fun. Create and explore more than one hundred different islands in this incredible game. Construct your own castle, towers, walls and more! Discover secret chests, magic portals, and unique monsters. Customise your characters, build amazing worlds and gain powerful new abilities. Get ready for a world of fun with Pocket Build Mod Apk! What is Pocket Build Mod Apk? Pocket Build Mod Apk is a construction game that allows players to create and explore their own individual island. The game features over one hundred islands, where players can build and customize their characters, construct castles and towers, find secret chests and make use of magic portals. The game is focused on the construction and exploration genre, with an emphasis on creating unique and personalized worlds. Pocket Build Mod Apk Features Pocket Build Mod Apk comes with a range of exciting features, including:

  • Create and explore over one hundred unique islands
  • Construct your castle, towers and walls
  • Gain powerful new abilities
  • Find secret chests and magic portals
  • Discover unique monsters
  • Customize your characters
  • Create amazing new worlds


How to Play Pocket Build Mod Apk?

Playing Pocket Build Mod Apk is easy! All you need to do is download the game from the official website, or from the Google Play Store, and create a new environment or install it in an existing one. Once you have the game installed, you will be able to create your own unique island and start building. You’ll be able to build and customize castles and towers, find secret chests and portals, and discover unique monsters. Download and Installation Instructions:

  • Download Pocket Build Mod Apk from the official website, or from Google Play Store.
  • Install the game on to your device.
  • When the installation is complete, open the game and create a new environment or install it in an existing one.
  • Start building your own unique island and explore the world!


How to download and install Pocket Build Mod APK 4.0.9

To download Pocket Build mod from

You need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

1. Click the Download button at the top of the page to download the Pocket Build MOD APK.

2. Save the file in your device’s download folder.

3. Now click on the downloaded Pocket Build file to install it and wait for the installation to complete.

4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing immediately.


Getting Started With Pocket Build Mod Apk

When you first start the game, you will be given a tutorial to get you going. You’ll learn how to build, how to customize, and how to find secret chests, portals, and monsters. You’ll also be able to begin exploring the one hundred different islands on offer.



  • Build immediately, choose from hundreds of different objects to construct, and explore a vast open universe.
  • Stunning examples of 3D graphics. Support for 3D touch, as well as haptic feedback.
  • Build, rotate, and position things anywhere in the environment with the game’s limitless building and placement options. Manage the view, rotate it, and zoom in and out.
  • Sandbox mode.
  • Uncapped access to resources Do you want to play without having to acquire resources? To get a limitless supply of money, wood, and food, you need just activate the ultimate sandbox mode.
  • First-person mode.
  • Free mode: You are allowed to position and rotate things wherever at any time. There are no constraints.

Pocket Build Mod Apk FAQ

  • Is Pocket Build Mod Apk free? Yes, Pocket Build Mod Apk is free.
  • Can I play the game with friends? Yes, you can play with friends by sharing you saves.
  • What platforms are supported? Pocket Build Mod Apk is available on iOS, Android, and PC.
  • Is there a way to buy additional resources? Yes, you can purchase additional resources by paying a small fee.

Pocket Build: Mod APK Download Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, Pocket Build Mod APK is one of the hottest Android apps and games on the market. It’s also one of the most popular mod APKs available for download. To give you an idea, Pocket Build is a game where players build their own Pocket worlds, full of their favorite buildings, animals, and decorations. As such, the game features an in-depth crafting system to ensure that players can customize their worlds perfectly.

With so many people downloading and playing Pocket Build, it’s understandable that many questions have come up about mod APKs and where to find them. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Pocket Build mod APKs and how to download them safely.

1. What is Pocket Build Mod APK?

Pocket Build Mod APK is a modified version of the original Android app, with various changes that make it easier to customize in-game items. Users can use these mod APKs to make their Pocket Build world almost exactly how they want it.

2. How Do I Download Pocket Build Mod APK?

There are a few different methods for downloading Pocket Build mod APKs. The most popular way to download mod APKs is through a trusted third-party website. These websites usually have the latest, up-to-date versions of all the mod APKs. All you have to do is download the file onto your device and follow the instructions for installing it.

3. Is Pocket Build Mod APK Safe?

Yes, Pocket Build Mod APK is safe to download and use on your device. However, it’s important to always double-check that the mod APK you’re downloading is from a trusted source. Unofficial, unfamiliar mod APKs can contain malicious software, so it’s best to take extra caution when downloading them.

4. Is Pocket Build Mod APK Legal?

Yes, downloading Pocket Build mod APKs is legal. However, it’s important to keep in mind that modding apps can occasionally result in a ban or restriction from the developer’s servers. As such, it’s always best to use official mod APKs when available.

We hope this article has given you an overview of some of the most frequently asked questions about Pocket Build Mod APKs and how to safely download them. If you have any more questions about mod APKs, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Conclusion Pocket Build Mod Apk is an exciting construction and exploration game that will give you a new perspective on the world. You’ll be able to create, construct and explore over one hundred different islands and discover hidden treasures, monsters and portals. With powerful new abilities and customization options, the possibilities are truly endless! Download Pocket Build Mod Apk and start building your own unique world today.

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