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OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Comprehensive Review

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics is an application of Voltas IT, LLC, based in Lithuania. The app has accumulated more than one million installs and is compatible with Android 5.0 and up. It only takes up 37 Mb on your smart device. The app was last updated on June 25, 2021, to fix app errors. Let’s see why OBDeleven Car Diagnostics APK could become your best auto & vehicles app ever.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

A Full Scan For Live Data

For a one-click application for users’ maximum convenience, the performance of OBDeleven Car Diagnostics is outstanding. Not only does the app easily handle full scans of your vehicle for automatic identification, but it also provides real-time data. You will get charts with live diagnostic data from the app to understand if any issue arises. After each scan, the app automatically emails you the data for more accessible information management. Thus, you are in perfect control of any information about your vehicle.

All Manuals In One Place

Don’t you hate it when you have to look for user manuals or vehicle information to deal with an issue? The app developer understands that perfectly, and they deliver the app with all of the information you might need. Besides user manuals and all vehicle data history, there is also the battery status to inform you when to charge your battery. With a minimal interface, OBDeleven Car Diagnostics gives you clear information in an elegant manner.

Complete Control of Your Vehicle

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

With OBDeleven Car Diagnostics, you can easily adjust and activate many comfort functions on your vehicle. For example, you can adjust the car lights or control the comfort settings or door auto lock or window closing. There are cool visual features you can unlock, like needle sweep or the optical parking system. You can even add a lap timer or a multimedia engineering menu. If you want to disable functions, such as the seat belt warning, OBDeleven Car Diagnostics does that for you.

History of Connections & Backup

With one OBDeleven Car Diagnostics account, you can connect to several vehicles and check complete history information. Even the car backup or programming history of each car is available on the app for your convenience. This information will someday become crucial, and hence the app maintains all of it for you.

Advanced Control Unit Information

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics helps you read every information about your control unit to keep track of your vehicle’s performance. Even the data of sub-control units are fully registered and detailed on the app. Moreover, this application lets you clear any trouble codes from all of these control units. Not many intelligent automotive applications can provide all of the above information and features like OBDeleven Car Diagnostics.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

Pros & Cons Of Obdeleven Car Diagnostics APK


  • The app is responsive and runs very smoothly
  • The coding functionality gets better with each update
  • A great tool for DIYers & car enthusiasts that can beat out many expensive pro scanners
  • It helps users save a lot of time and money on fixing the wrong issue
  • The app is simple enough for anyone to use with ease
  • The app developer is quite responsive and helpful with inquiries


  • Some users experience “Network Error”, depending on their Android devices
  • Some users experience crashes during coding on the app
  • Loading central electronics takes some time

Features of OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD APK

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

Once you have tried the free version, you will for sure want to upgrade to OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro to enjoy even more features. For example, the OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro subscription will enhance your security by adding security access and maintain a secure database.

There are way more features aiding the coding you may do on the app, all of which enhance your experience and security. OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro also helps you to backup your control unit along with gateway auto-code. It also provides you with EEPROM – a non-volatile memory integrated into microcontrollers or remote keyless systems.

And if you still want to enjoy the premium features of OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro membership for free, you can download OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD APK on our website. The MOD APK app is a modified version of the original application released by third-party developers, allowing you to get the premium features for free.

Download OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD APK for Android

It is a breeze to install the OBDeleven Car Diagnostics hack APK on your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about security issues since our expert team has tested all MOD APK files to ensure they are free from viruses and malware. All you need to do is to follow the step-to-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

Firstly, you need to enable your device to accept apps from unknown sources. Then, open your device’s Settings and choose Security or Applications (depending on your devices). Then, tap on the “Unknown sources” button to activate it.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

Step 2: Download OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro APK MOD

Before downloading the MOD APK file, you may need to uninstall the PlayStore Version of the original app if you have already installed it on your phone. Otherwise, you may encounter an installation failed error.

Now, download OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD APK from the download page. Don’t close your browser before the download process finishes. We provide a high-speed download of the file, so it doesn’t take much of your time. When the download completes, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Install OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Hack APK

Please search for the downloaded file in your notifications or your device’s File Manager, then tap on the OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD Pro APK file to install it. Wait for the installation process to finish, then move to the next step.

Step 4: Enjoy OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro For Free

Reset your security settings to your preferred mode. Then, launch OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD hacked APK and enjoy all premium features for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics

What kind of vehicle does Obdeleven Car Diagnostics support?

The OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app supports any Volkswagen group vehicle. These include AUDI, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, and Lamborghini. In addition, you can search for a particular model of your car on the OBDeleven website.

Does Obdeleven Car Diagnostics Pro APK use AI?

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics integrates modern technologies, including AI, into its virtual assistant “CAN” to enhance customer’s experience. This virtual assistant can help with technical issues, respond to queries and identify the vehicle.

Is Obdeleven Car Diagnostics in compliance with any standard?

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics is a product of Voltas IT, working in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. You can learn more about this on the OBDeleven official website.

What are the features of Obdeleven Car Diagnostics Pro Mod APK?

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics PRO is an excellent application for programming and monitoring diverse vehicles such as Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, and Škoda vehicles. Features of OBDeleven PRO car diagnostics app subscription include:

  • Automatic vehicle identification from Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Scanning and analyzing all systems automatically
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from all control units in your car (i.e., Engine, Multimedia, ABS, Airbag, Transmission, Air conditioning, etc.)
  • Read information about the control unit (i.e., Software number, Part number, Coding, etc.)
  • Car battery analyzer with the connected car’s history
  • Multilanguage database supported

Which app is better, Obdeleven Car Diagnostics APK vs. Vag-Com APK?

Even though Vag-com is also a helpful app to understand your vehicle, OBDeleven Car Diagnostics is superior in supporting you to clear issues. With live data and the entire history available, you will make good decisions to enhance your vehicle.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics offers powerful features, upgrading your experience to a much greater extent. You will better understand your vehicle and be more capable of adjusting or amend it when you need it. Download OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Pro MOD APK free, and you can drive with confidence and thoroughly enjoy each ride!

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