Name Monopoly
Package Name com.marmalade.monopoly
Category Board
Mod Features Unlocked All
Version 1.11.1
Size 575 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Marmalade Game Studio

Features of monopoly MOD APK


monopoly mod apk is a third-party game with the same gameplay and other details as the original one. However, the MOD version will help you save some money. You do not need to spend about $4 to buy the game on Google Play or spend real money on in-game purchases.

Moreover, the MOD hacked version of Monopoly allows you to do some tricks and changes. For example, you can customize player options, upgrade dice and add other things to your business board after purchasing or selling items. More importantly, you can obtain freely unlocked Tokens and board Boards.

Monopoly Comprehensive Review


In 1934, Charles B. Darrow, a man in Germantown, came up with an exciting game while away the time when he’s out of work. The game, which is called Monopoly (board game), quickly became a fever at that time. Not only in Germantown, but the board game wave also spread to other Western countries. After about 100 years since its first introduction, Monopoly has appeared in over 80 countries and is translated into 16 different languages.

Before the arrival of PC games or smartphones, both children and adults favored this board game. Family members would sit together and enjoy this game in their free time or on weekends. However, these days, we can try a new version of Monopoly on the mobile platforms released by Marmalade Game Studio.


A Monopoly set consists of 2 dice, tokens of animals, trains or anything, 1 board, money, 32 houses, 12 hotels, chance, land use papers.

There need to be at least 2 people to start this board game, and the maximum number of players is 8. It is not competitive enough when there are only 2 players. Instead, the game would be more challenging when there are 4 or more players on a chessboard. As a person makes a good move or is lucky, other players need to strive to gain their chance.


Monopoly’s gameplay does not deviate from the real board game. First, you need to shake the phone to see the dice and make your move clockwise on the chessboard. If you move to an empty box, you need to borrow money from the bank to own it. You have to pay for it when you’re on the plot of land rented by another player. In case you don’t want to purchase a vacant lot, the bank will auction it off.

Besides the boxes allowing you to purchase or rent land, you can go to special boxes like Chance and Community Chest. Then, thanks to a stroke of luck, you can obtain money from the bank. But if not, you will go to prison, and you will sit and watch other players make their moves for a certain number of rounds.

Finally, a player who goes into bankruptcy is disqualified from the game. The winner of the game is the person who makes other players go into liquidation. If Monopoly runs out of time, the winner is the wealthiest person.

Rule Customization

The rules of this game are relatively similar to those of the traditional one. Hence, players can make some changes in the game rules to have more fun. So, think of the rules you like and start to realize your goal of becoming the richest.

For example, you can adjust the number of rounds, skip some boxes, change the money you receive when someone enters your land, or the fine you need to pay in prison. In general, Monopoly allows you to carry multiple settings to make the game best suit your preferences.

Diverse Modes


You can choose between two Monopoly modes, playing with AI or playing in multiplayer mode. The former is a real challenge since none can predict the future when participating in this board game. Therefore, you need to devise a sensible business strategy to have the most money.

For the latter, you can play with any player online or offline. You can create your rooms and send invitations for your friends or family members to join online. Even when you are away from home, you can still enjoy this game with others. Besides, you can invite your friend to play this board game on your devices even with no internet connection.

Owning Many Assets

When playing, you will exploit your best strategy to obtain as many assets as possible to be a rich landlord. At the same time, you also need to make other players go bankrupt so that you can win the game. Though it seems pretty normal outside, the competition underneath is quite fierce.

The assets in Monopoly are very diverse, including money, real estate, hotels, etc. Therefore, you can opt for various asset classes to avoid being dependent on only a particular type. For instance, if you have cash, its value may lose over time, whereas the real estate value usually witnesses an upward trend.

Graphics & Sound


This game depicts a beautiful simulation 3D city rather than pictures on paper like the real-life Monopoly board game sets. Thus, you can plunge headlong into this fantastic world. Furthermore, you can choose to play this game in virtual countries with picturesque sceneries and catchy music.

Besides the vibrant color tone that matches the game’s setup, Monopoly is also impressive for its sound effects. The sound and music are smooth and diverse, which enhances your gaming experience.

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You may need to uninstall the PlayStore Version of the Monopoly app if you have already installed it on your phone.

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To summarize, Monopoly is a popular game with both adults and children partly due to its unpredictable elements and other features that Marmalade Game Studio adds to its product. You can download and install the Monopoly MOD APK Free from our website in just a few simple steps, and you’ll have a great board game!

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