Name Lucky Patcher
Package Name ru.aaaaaaci.installer
Category Hacking Tools
Version 11.0.6
Size 10 MB
Price Free
Requires Android
Publisher ChelpuS

Lucky Patcher Comprehensive Review

Lucky Patcher is a popular tool used to crack and modify games and apps. This tool allows users to perform many helpful and convenient game or app modifications with several unique features. It’s one of the most reputed apps providing Android with so many benefits.

Lucky Patcher

Remove & Block In-game Ads

Most of the games or applications on Android phones often have built-in ads. This is understandable only because game or application manufacturers mainly make money from advertising. These ads can annoy you, interrupting your entire gameplay. But Lucky Patcher will come to your rescue. The application allows you to remove these in-game ads and comfortably enjoy your favorite game without any distractions.

Mod or Crack Diverse Games

With Lucky Patcher APK, it is very easy to modify, crack or hack many games or apps with great ease. There has been no obligation to care for the Google Play app store’s payment steps since now. You can buy paid apps or games for free. You also get the gems, premium items, or any similar stuff in the game you want without spending any real money buying them.

Bypass License Verification

Not all applications or games on the Google Play Store are free. Most apps you need to spend a few bucks to purchase have a protection mechanism called license verification. This feature is a big problem for those who want to experience premium games for free! In fact, you cannot run the paid games even when you own the APK. But Lucky Patcher assists you in bypassing license verification so that you can try paid apps without purchasing them.

Lucky Patcher

Remove App Permissions

Some apps or games on the Google Play Store require dubious permissions. Don’t worry since the app will help you! You just need to remove any unwanted permissions from your games or apps. In addition, it’s such an easy task to extract the APK file to do backups and clone any application on their phones.

Pros & Cons of Lucky Patcher Apk


  • Lightweight app with an easy-to-use interface
  • Greatly compatible with most Android devices
  • Remove and block third-party ads during the games
  • Allow patch customization and modification
  • Easily bypass license verification of any paid application
  • No need to get your device rooted to remove ads
  • Easily uninstall in-built apps on your Android


  • Some complain that Lucky Patcher doesn’t work with their device
  • In some cases, this application won’t work for all existing apps
  • A few apps don’t permit their permissions to be modified

Download Lucky Patcher Apk for Android

One of the most important things to use Lucky Patcher is that you have to root your device. This can easily be done with tools like TowelRoot and KingRoot, or even with no experience in the field. However, The rooting process may be potentially harmful to your devices, so be extremely cautious and follow the most updated instructions for your particular phone.

Step 1: Download the Installer

You need to click on one of the download links on to download the Lucky Patcher installer.

Step 2: Open Lucky Patcher Installer

To install Lucky Patcher, you have to open the Installer, select the “Yes” button next to a new dialog “Do you really want to install the Lucky Patcher v8.0.0?”.

Lucky Patcher

Then wait for the installing process of the Original Lucky Patcher app on your Android device.

Lucky Patcher

Step 3: Allow Unknown Source

You need to go to the settings option on your devices and allow “Unknown Source” for the app if you see this page.

Lucky Patcher

Now go to “Settings” and turn on the toggle to allow it from this source.

Lucky Patcher

After the process is finished, you need to click on the “install” button to install the original app.

Lucky Patcher

Just choose the “Install anyway” button anyway if you see the following warning.

Lucky Patcher

And then, the installation process is expected to succeed!

Lucky Patcher

Open the Lucky Patcher app and click on “OK” to Uninstall the “LP Installer” app.

Lucky Patcher

But if you encounter a problem with “App not Installed“, you should follow these instructions.

1. Open Google Play Store App and choose the “Play Protect” option on the menu.

2. Now click on that toggle to turn off “Scan device For Security Threats.”

3. Press the “OK” button to confirm it.

4. Now try to install Lucky Patcher again. Hopefully, the installation process will be successful this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a rooted device to use Lucky Patcher?

It depends. Though this app can work well with an unrooted device, few features can work without root. Therefore, you can consider rooting Android devices before using them to avoid potential issues.

Is Lucky Patcher APK compatible with iOS devices?

As of the time of the writing, Lucky Patcher is only compatible with Android 4.0+ only. It means that the app cannot run on iOS devices.

Why does Google warn Lucky Patcher is a virus?

Your Android device may regard Lucky Patcher as a virus or malware, but don’t worry. Despite being a hacking tool, this app is not malicious. It is safe for most Android devices and has no access to user data.

Why does Lucky Patcher Apk have different colors?

Once you’ve installed Lucky Patcher, you can see a list of apps on your device. The names of these apps come in diverse colors, and below is some information about them.

  • Green: The License Verification app where you can select “Remove License Verification” with great ease.
  • Red: Nothing found to Patch or Can not Patch this application.
  • Cyan: You can choose “Remove Google Ads,” but remember that this action might corrupt the Lucky Patcher.
  • Yellow: You can see different patches and custom them for the app.
  • Violet: This application is on the startup list. It’s coming soon!
  • Orange: It’s a system app where you can patch the games.

What are switches in Lucky Patcher Apk?

Switches are a part of this app that comprises extra utility features not belonging to the primary features. They allow you to automate the tasks of application management:

  • Automatically move applications to SD card
  • Automatically update the system applications
  • Automatically move applications to your device memory
  • Automatically backup APKs for installing and updating apps
  • License Verification & Google Billing Emulation

Lucky Patcher

Does the Lucky Patcher app support multiple languages?

Yes, of course. This application supports some popular languages, including English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. You can choose the language in the Settings.

What kinds of games Lucky Patcher can mod?

Lucky Patcher is a popular application to modify a number of apps and games for rooted Android devices. Some games that can be modded include Subway surfer, Hungry Shark Evolution, Smash Cops Heat, Bloons TD Battles, Zombie Squad, Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Street Fighting 2: Multiplayer, Stunt Car Racing – Multiplayer and Townsmen.

In conclusion, Lucky Patcher is a ‘modifier’ application for you to gain unlimited access to games on the Google Play Store without spending any cash. This app owns many useful features that you may be seeking for such a long time. Download Lucky Patcher APK to enhance your Android gaming experience and enjoy any premium apps for free!