Name Heroes Strike
Package Name com.wolffun.herostrike
Category MOBA
Mod Features Hack Map
Version 565
Size 150 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Wolffun Pte Ltd

heroes strike Comprehensive Review

Heroes Strike is a popular action game by a game developer from Vietnam, WolfFun. It’s a well-known developer that released many popular games like Puzzle Coin and Tank Raid Online. When playing this game, you will experience various new elements hardly found in other MOBA games. Let’s check out some notable features of this game.

Be A Hero

Heroes Strike is a legendary shooting game where you will become the sole hero to save the entire world. You will need to use a variety of skills and tactics to overcome the challenges and conquer the targets to progress. Your main character is Culien, who has growing skills and his buddies to create the Ironing Line. Try your best to win these 4-minute matches to survive the race and progress further.

Heroes Strike

Various Battle Modes

Most players enjoy Heroes Strike for a long time because the game quickly catches up with new trends to update their missions. You can choose to play in so many modes, the most recent of which is very popular. Try to destroy a MOBA 4v4 tower or join the Battle Royale to fight against twelve players simultaneously. You can expect a new mode every month to keep the fun coming.

Non-stop Challenges

Your skills are so crucial in Heroes Strike because the missions are quite challenging. You need a perfect combination of skills, strategic thinking, and reactiveness to succeed in this game. Sometimes, you also should demonstrate your creativity to find new attack methods to win more rewards. Heroes Strike offers frequent championship leagues that will help you improve your skills and learn from other players.

Heroes of The Planet

If you love superheroes, Heroes Strike is your dreamland. You can select across a large collection of hero characters who have different skills and abilities. You will soon learn the highlights of each character to use them in the battles. Their unique attacks and skills will become your advantage if you know how to apply them flexibly. Besides, it is always cool to fight alongside your favorite heroes.

Heroes Strike

Dynamic System

Heroes Strike offers nine different ranks of maps with varying levels of difficulty, representing nine unique arenas. After you have unlocked a new rank, you will have to conquer a whole new arena set-up with specific settings and opponents. You will need to prepare new strategies to take prompt action and win the battles.

Features of heroes strike mod apk

Heroes Strike APK Mod is the modified or cracked version of the official game. If you have to pay real cash to enjoy premium features in the original game, the APK Heroes Strike hack version offers you excellent in-game content for free. The latest Heroes Strike APK MOD version will help you have the ultimate gaming experience with these premium features.

  • Unlimited Gems
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  • New events every month
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Heroes Strike

Tips & Tricks for Heroes Strike APK

Now that you have got a detailed review of Heroes Strike APK. If you are new to this game, check out this quick guide below to gain an advantage over other players.

Focus On Your Opponent

Even when the situation is dangerous, don’t panic and waste your ammunition or run away. You need to retreat with a strategy by backpedaling while keeping an eye out for other enemies. You have to decide the right attacks on the correct enemies. Don’t use your close-range soldiers to attack a Juggernaut or a General. Instead, use your Sidearm to fight them or the Mercenary. Try to cause enough damage to your short-range enemies before approaching to eliminate them.

Beware Of The Bots

As you progress in the game, you will encounter higher-level bots with stronger attacks and techniques. This is a major trick that Heroes Strike plays on you because these bots seem pretty silly at the beginning of the game. Don’t panic, but focus on how to eliminate them. Use your pistol to terminate a whole health Juggernaut with ease. Keep an eye on these bots to know more about them to attack them efficiently.

Heroes Strike

Use The New Weapons

You will earn new weapons in the higher levels, thanks to your efforts from the beginning. Even though you may need some time to learn how to use the new guns, don’t neglect them. The last thing you want to do is sell your weapons because they would only be worth a third of their cost. Hence, use your new guns frequently to figure out their strengths and weaknesses to help you in battles.

Buy The Right Equipment

You will need to start stocking up on higher-quality equipment in the refined, flawless, or perfect ranks. They are worth your money because they perform very efficiently. You can rely on these weapons in your most challenging battles, and they will not let you down. Hence, choose the right timing to equip your crew with these high-quality weapons to win even more.

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Step 2: Download Heroes Strike APK MOD

Before downloading the MOD APK file, you may need to uninstall the Heroes Strike game if you have already installed it on your phone. Otherwise, you may encounter the install failed error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Strike

What is the soldier range in Heroes Strike?

You will have various levels, including the Engineer, the Mercenary, the General, the Sniper, and eventually the Juggernaut.

What weapons to equip the juggernaut?

He would need a good shotgun because he is good at eliminating enemies one-by-one.

Should I replace the mercenary machine guns?

Indeed, the machine guns have quite terrible range, but the Mercenary will soon have the Kriss Kard as his secondary. Maintain the machine guns for him because they are mighty.

Do I need to equip the killstreak option?

Killstreaks are very important to help you progress but don’t waste them with too many skills. Especially when you have just started the game and built more skills, held on to Killstreak until later.

Is Heroes Strike suitable for everyone to enjoy?

Due to the game’s mild violent reference, it requires parental guidance for young players.

What are some games similar to Heroes Strike?

Check out these games:, Battlelands Royale, Frayhem, or FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Survival.

Heroes Strike is an exciting action game with dynamic graphics and engaging gameplay. The great thing about this game is how you never run out of challenges to conquer and online champion leagues to prove your skills. Download Heroes Strike MOD APK free to play with unlimited gems and more features.

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