Name Hay Day
Package Name com.supercell.hayday
Category Farming
Version 1.60.216
Size 253 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Supercell

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Hay Day

Hay Day Review

Currently, there are more than 100 million downloads of Hay Day on the Play Store. More than 4 million people play this game every day worldwide. After nearly 12 years, its appeal has not reduced. Understandably, as one of the best mobile farm games, the game provides players with an exciting farm life experience with daily activities in the peaceful countryside.

Hay Day’s Gameplay

The game starts when the character receives his uncle’s letter telling him that he’s too old and wants to rest. Hence, he leaves his old farm for you to repair and grow crops. As a genuine farmer, you need to do many daily tasks in the countryside, such as farming, breeding, and trading.

From the onset of Hay Day, you only own a small piece of land, rotting cottages, and degrading warehouses. Thus, you need to repair them and also cultivate new crops to make a living. Then, sow the seeds, wait until your plants develop, harvest them, and sell them to have money or buy other items.

When collecting your crops, you can get experience points. After accumulating adequate experience points, you will unlock more plants, items and discover more interesting features. There is also a wide range of pets, animals, or plants for you to pick on your farm.

Hay Day

A Countryside Life

Hay Day gives you a joyful and unforgettable experience of countryside life. As a farmer on abandoned lands and rotting cottages, you have to start from scratch. However, don’t worry since a straw doll named Mr. Wicker can instruct you on everyday tasks.

After growing your crops, you need to wait until you can harvest your crops. Remember that after 3 harvests, your plants become wither. Thus, you have to get rid of them or seek help from others. When you place a “help” signboard at the unproductive trees, if someone touches them to help, they will recover and allow for 3 more harvests.

In addition to plants, of course, you can raise different animals that bring more economic benefits. Currently, Hay Day provides players with chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, goats, and horses. These animals allow unlimited harvest, so you need to take good care of them.

You can store the materials you harvest on your farm in the warehouse. Then, they can be for sale or fabrication. For instance, you can make a cake from cow’s milk and chicken eggs or produce wool and clothes from wool.

Besides, you can have pets such as cats or dogs to raise. They are your great companions who entertain you and guard your farm. But, more importantly, they can bring you random items that increase your experience points.

Trade & Exchange

Hay Day

Besides serving yourself, you can use your products for sale or exchange. Trading is one of the methods that help you become rich quickly and earn more profits for reproduction.

At Hay Day’s first level, a request board includes the names of items others want to purchase from you. You can sell these products to achieve coins. There are also occasions when visitors to your farm ask for specific items. You can, of course, agree to sell your items or refuse.

Once you are at level 7, you can sell everything in your auto Roadise shop. The items range from raw materials such as meat, seeds, eggs, milk or processed products such as bacon, bread, etc. A tip for you is to sell your products at a reasonable price so that your items can be sold quickly.

Next, at level 17, you can unlock the Harbor. Then, you can take orders from customers around the world. When you accept the orders, you have to fill the boxes as required by your clients. Remember that the ship leaves the Harbor every 4 hours, so be quick as possible to finish your orders.

Upgrades & Discoveries

In this game, you don’t have anything from the beginning, but you can change the situation by working hard. By completing your daily tasks, you can get experience points to level up. At a particular level, you can upgrade and unlock new things for you to explore. For example, you can even mine or purchase a boat to go fishing.

In addition, you will enlarge your farmland by removing grass, rocks, and rubbish. During Hay Day, there are materials such as screws, nails, wood panels, etc., that help you upgrade your warehouse. You can get them at harvest or from a chest appearing randomly around the house.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that upgrades are always important. For example, after you have upgraded your warehouse, it can store more raw materials. Or once you upgrade your home successfully, you can get more new missions to achieve experience points or earn money.

Impressive Graphics

Hay Day

Though the game came out in the 2012s, its graphics are still impressive enough to win the hearts of players. With a 3D farm simulation style, Hay Day features cutely and colorfully designed images. Everything from homes, plants to animals is bright, pleasant-to-the-eye, giving players a sense of light entertainment.

Besides, the soft, thick background music is indeed appropriate for its gameplay. The fantastic countryside’s sounds from insects or cattle bring an entirely relaxing and soothing experience. If you feel tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, Hay Day is a farm simulation game that makes you happy and satisfied.

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