Ludo King MOD APK

[] Always Six/Unlocked All Theme

Ludo King

Ludo King is a top-rated board game of Gametion Technologies Pvt. Ltd., with over five hundred million players worldwide. The game’s massive popularity is due to its exciting gameplay and constant updates of themes. Players can easily compete with their close friends and family members or international opponents on the internet. Download Ludo King MOD APK latest version to enjoy any theme you like and a unique feature of Always Six.

Teaching Feeling MOD APK

[2.5.2] Premium unlocked

Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling is a unique NSFW game that has attracted a good number of players worldwide. The game is exciting because players can experience their fantasies about slaves while enjoying a real relationship with one. Teaching Feeling is simply dark and humane in its ways, and you will enjoy every minute in the game. Download Teaching Feeling MOD APK latest version to enjoy the best features of the game.

Ultimate Basketball General Manager MOD APK

[1.3.0] Premium Unlocked


Ultimate Basketball General Manager is an exciting Sports game with over a hundred thousand players worldwide. The game lets you experience all of the challenges of being a manager of a basketball team and even a franchise business. It requires an excellent mix of business strategies and basketball knowledge. Download Ultimate Basketball General Manager MOD APK latest version to enjoy unlocked premium features and more.

Stardew Valley MOD APK

[] Unlimited Money/Mega MOD

Stardew Valley

As a hit in the RPG genre, Stardew Valley is a gateway to a peaceful and lively countryside with joy and calmness. There are a lot of exciting things awaiting you to discover in the game. You will definitely love more than 50 hours of Stardew Valley’s gameplay content, updated features like auto-save, and multiple controls. You can download Stardew Valley MOD APK latest version to freely enjoy the fun and premium features of this game.


[] No


The long and famous history of first-person shooter games is thought to originate from the hero of the Doom games. Doom and Doom II did not change significantly from their original. There were no significant technology advancements, graphics enhancements, or gameplay modifications. Instead, the production team took advantage of advancements in computer technology since the original game’s release, which enabled them to accomplish more with their game engine by creating larger and more complex areas. Download Doom II MOD APK latest version free for Android to enjoy all the best features for free. MOD APK

[4.0.12] Unlimited Money

Do you want a game similar to but with a great twist? The latest version will give you a crazy and fascinating adventure right on our mobile gadget. In this entertaining game, each player controls a worm that loves to eat sweets. Your goal is to feed your worm as much confectionery as possible while outmaneuvering and killing enemy worms. Download the MOD APK free for Android and enjoy an awesome dynamic game!

My Factory Tycoon MOD APK

[1.6.0] Unlimited Money, Coins

My Factory Tycoon

My Factory Tycoon is your chance to experience being the boss of a growing factory, and your job is to make the most profits. Your employees are very hard-working, and your production is steadily growing. The challenge is to keep up with the growing demands of orders from customers for new products and more quantity. You will prove your management and entrepreneur skills with this game while enjoying it to the max. Download My Factory Tycoon MOD APK free for Android to play with unlimited money.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK

[1.9.4] Gravity/Speed

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a very uncommon game, including no particular instructions or goals. Players will have a narrator to accompany them through the difficult challenges of the game, but the narration is not always tips. You will learn to face your own impatience and how not to quit the game even though it is frustrating. Download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK free for Android to test your limits and see how well you can do.

Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK

[1.1.69] Unlimited Money

With over a hundred million players worldwide, Anger Of Stick 5 could be the most popular part of the NESM series. Thanks to its simple gameplay and dynamic designs, this game attracts players of various ages and skill levels. In other words, Anger Of Stick 5 can become a favorite for newbies or a practice ground for hardcore gamers who love zombies. Download Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK free for Android and you will immediately have unlimited money!

Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK

[2.69.1] No

Garena Free Fire MAX

With over fifty million players worldwide, Garena Free Fire MAX is undoubtedly one of the best survival games out there. This game is top-notch, from the smooth visual effects to the Ultra HD graphics, and especially the dynamic gameplay. Download Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK free for Android to enjoy all of the exciting features of this game for free.

Jurassic World The Game MOD APK

[1.56.7] Free Shopping/VIP

Jurassic World The Game

If you are interested in prehistoric giant dinosaurs, Jurassic World The Game will bring you back to that time and explore the fantastic Jurassic simulation world. You can have great fun discovering the world of giant creatures that used to rule the lands, the skies, and the seas right on your mobile devices. Download Jurassic World The Game MOD APK latest version to take on various in-game challenges and experience the epic battle against nasty enemies!

Super Stylist MOD APK

[2.3.06 & 2.4.04] Unlimited money, energy

Super Stylist

Super Stylist is a banging game, where players will experience the life of a famous stylist. Fashion events, designed clothes, customers, etc., are what make the game realistic. With such details, the game has received positive feedback since its publication. There are a few disadvantages while playing the game, though. Download Super Stylist MOD APK free for Android and you can freely explore the fashion world to the full extent.

Cooking Diary MOD APK

[1.44.1] Unlimited money

Cooking Diary

With over ten million worldwide players, Cooking Diary is one of the most popular simulation games about cooking. This game is the ultimate upgrade from any other cooking game you have ever played, exceeding all expectations. You will take up the challenge of cooking hundreds of iconic dishes to win rewards for your restaurant and again upgrade it to win even more. You will have a great time playing this game after you download Cooking Diary MOD APK free for Android to get unlimited in-game money.

Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK

[1.77] Unlimited diamond

Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking is an exciting simulation game by ODAAT studio, with over one million players worldwide. The simple controls and anime-style graphics have attracted a lot of players, and they continue to play because of its fun gameplay. Download Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK latest version to enjoy unlimited money and more exclusive features.

Kick the Buddy MOD APK

[1.0.6] Unlimited money/Unlimited gold

Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is the choice if you are into mature action games that ooze with violence and fun. This awesome game has attracted more than a hundred million players across the globe, and its popularity is still rising. The game is a unique combination of torturing and strategizing, helping players let off some steam and enjoy their time. Download Kick the Buddy MOD APK free for Android and you will start the game with unlimited money to purchase any weapon you wish.

Stickman Party MOD APK

[] Unlimited money (Reward wheel spin)

Stickman Party

Stickman Party is a free arcade game that has attracted over one hundred million players worldwide, thanks to its unique charms. The game is actually a collection of forty mini-games with different rules that require various skills from players. You can play it by yourself or connect to compete against friends or international opponents. Not many games can bring you the excitement as Stickman Party does, and you will enjoy every minute of it. Download Stickman Party MOD APK free for Android to play with unlimited coins for free.

Tank Stars MOD APK

[1.6.1] Unlimited Money/VIP tank unlocked

Tank Stars

Not many arcade games can attract more than a hundred million players worldwide, but Tank Stars can. The game offers various upgrade systems for not only your tanks, cards but also your weapons. Tank Stars also give players plenty of choices in strategizing their attacks to win dangerous battles. Playing with Tank Stars MOD APK will be awesome thanks to the VIP Tank feature and unlimited money for awesome upgrades.

Block City Wars MOD APK

[7.2.3] Unlimited money

Block City Wars

Block City Wars has been very popular among players who love simulation games with the theme of gangs in the city. The realistic designs of the game sometimes bring players to the most active parts of the city or the deadliest places. Players will immerse themselves in the non-stop challenges of Block City Wars to train themselves into Gang Leaders. Download Block City Wars MOD APK free for Android to enjoy unlimited money and ammo for free.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK

[2021.1.65] Unlimited gems

Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy brings players to a whole new ‘Inamorta’ world, where they will lead the army to conquer enemies and expand their kingdom. Amid the constant battles against powerful enemies, you will improve your strategic thinking and soon climb up the ranks. The best thing about Stick War Legacy is that you never run out of new missions and deadly opponents to conquer. Another battle will only help you expand your kingdom and obtain more power. Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK free for Android to play with unlimited money for free.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

[3.2] Unlimited money

Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon is a rising arcade game by Ubisoft Entertainment, with more than ten million players. The dynamic gameplay and flexible mechanics of Hungry Dragon attract players and give them a holistic experience. You will certainly have access to legendary dragons and train them to become the ultimate warriors to win any battle. Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK to have unlimited money to play this game now.

Game of Warriors MOD APK

[1.4.6] Unlimited Coins

Game of Warriors

Game of Warriors is a dynamic strategy game with rising popularity across the globe. So far, this game has attracted more than ten million players, who love its genuinely awesome experience. Game of Warriors could become the most successful product of Play365, given the positive feedback from current players. If you want to start playing this game, download Game of Warriors MOD APK to enjoy unlimited money for free.

TFT : Teamfight Tactics Mobile MOD APK

[11.23.4106843] No Ads

Teamfight Tactics

Not many strategy games can gain such popularity as Teamfight Tactics, with over ten million players worldwide. The straightforward gameplay with unique rules attracts players and keeps them playing more and more. Teamfight Tactics could be perfect for relaxing after a long workday or competing against your mates on the weekend. Download Teamfight Tactics MOD APK free for Android to have the best experience with this game.

The Wolf MOD APK

[2.3.1] Unlimited Money

The Wolf

The Wolf is a game that you have to try if you love nature. It takes you back to the wild and challenges you to survive under the form of a wolf. Swift Apps succeeds in incorporating most of the wolf’s behaviors in this RPG game, such as hunting and marking territory. Although the game is free to download on every platform, there are still in-app purchases that you may need to make progress. Download The Wolf MOD APK free for Android and you can explore the wildlife better with essential features.

Drive Ahead MOD APK

[3.9.3] Unlimited money, No ads

Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead isn’t a racing game like its name suggests. Cars, in this game, are a weapon for players to fight and earn points. Dodreams created a unique battlefield for everyone who enjoys speed and explosion at the same time. For this interesting plot and the diversity of cars, the game is welcomed by players worldwide. Although there is no downloading fee, the game still contains several in-app purchases that bring major opportunities to win the race. Download Drive Ahead MOD APK free for Android and you can now have premium features of the game for free.

Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK

[1.7.5] Unlimited money

Beat the Boss 4

Beat the Boss 4 is a game that every employee needs. Do you have too much stress at work? Is your boss too annoying? Beat the boss now with every weapon that you have! The game is from the famous series by Game Hive Corporation, spreading out worldwide with its relatable plot and addicting gameplay. Despite having no fee when downloading, it charges you some money for in-app purchases. Download Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK free for Android and you now don’t have to worry about in-game currency.

Subway Surfers MOD APK

[2.26.1] Unlimited Money

Subway Surfers

Obstacle games are a game genre that requires players to improve their skills to get high scores constantly. However, these games also give you an exciting gaming experience. Among them, Subway Surfers is a fascinating game that can lift you out of your boredom. Just a chase between the Inspector and the naughty children can bring you the ultimate gaming experience. Download the Subway Surfers MOD APK latest version for free to enjoy this “endless run” game!

Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK

[] Unlocked All

Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator is a simulation game of the publisher Stefo Mai Morojna. Since its first release, the game has been popular with over 5 million downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, you can have great fun with the fascinating space exploration. Go on countless expeditions, rockets, satellites to explore the vast expanse outside our home Earth. If you’re an avid gamer and explorer, download Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK latest version to embark on the journey to outer space!

Death Road to Canada MOD APK

[1.7.2] Full Patched / Free Shopping

Death Road to Canada

Dead Road to Canada is a unique adventure game with more than one hundred thousand players worldwide. The game offers an exciting way to combat zombies on a journey to Canada with your custom characters. There are various weapons and items to help you eliminate zombies while winning many valuable rewards. Download Dead Road to Canada MOD APK latest version to enjoy free shopping for anything you need in the game.

Heroes Strike MOD APK

[522] Unlimited Money

Heroes Strike

MOBA games have attracted many players worldwide with impressive gameplay and features. Besides popular games such as DOTA 2 and League Of Legends, you can try other famous games of this genre, like League Of Legends: Wild Rift, Arena of Valor, and Heroes Strike. Noticeably, Heroes Strike APK is a MOBA game integrated with shooting styles. The game opens up a new world of superheroes where you can join them to win awesome battles. Your skills and strategies are essential in Heroes Strike, but the game is highly entertaining at the same time. Download Heroes Strike MOD APK latest version to enjoy unlimited gems and gold, besides other exclusive features.

Clash of Clans MOD APK

[14.211.7] Unlimited Gold/Gems/Oils

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting 3D game that is famous for all the right reasons. In this game, you can create your villages, kingdoms, or empires and then strike against the cruel enemies to win. So download Clash of Clans MOD APK Free, engage in the epic battles, and have a great relaxing time!

Project QT MOD APK

[12.0] One Hit/Unlocked Character

Action-adventure games like Project QT will engage you in the fantasy of hot girls, rewards, teammates, and other entertaining elements. Download the Project QT MOD APK latest version and enjoy all premium features: all monster girls unlocked free, unlimited skills, one-hit, and an ad-free experience.

Clash Royale MOD APK

[3.2727.5] Unlimited Gold/Gems

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time game genre in which players have to fight against many enemies. It’s a perfect combination of tower defense, troop card collection, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). However, this game is not free, which means that you need to purchase in-game items. No need to worry! The Clash Royale MOD APK latest version will unlock all gold coins, gems, and paid features for you!

Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

[] Unlimited money, Unlocked everything

Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is a parking simulation game that shows the real parking issue today. In this game, you will grasp parking skills better through a wide variety of challenges. Interacting with other players, you also freely discover the lovely city in your realistic cars. Download Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK and enjoy the open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!

Toca Life World MOD APK

[1.34.1] Unlocked All

Toca Life World

Even when we reach adulthood, our knowledge is a small island in a great ocean of non-knowledge. Toca Life World gives children an opportunity to explore their surrounding world and also have great fun. Let your kids play and learn at the same time, and they have grasped more knowledge. Download the Toca Life World  MOD APK latest version and have a great gaming experience with all paid features unlocked!

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight MOD APK

[2.2.1] Premium Unlocked

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight is one of the most outstanding products of Home NetGames, which demonstrates the challenges of war heroes. Once you start this game, you will learn about the various difficulties of fighting in the air against ruthless enemies. Your tasks include flying, fighting, and making sure that your airbase is as vital as possible. You will have unlimited money in the game once you download Warplanes WW2 Dogfight MOD APK free for Android.

Merge Dragons MOD APK

[7.1.0] Free Shopping

Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is one of the most critically acclaimed Android games that unleash the powers of imagination and tranquility for players. As a simple game at heart, the game requires you to combine similar objects in your garden to make them evolve. Then, you can get coins to purchase eggs to nurse and connect to hatch into dragons, and you can make those dragons grow as well. Download Merge Dragons APK MOD latest version to enjoy free shopping and win exclusive rewards.

Planet Bomber MOD APK

[6.0.3] Unlimited Money

Planet Bomber

Planet Bomber is an outstanding arcade game with over ten million players worldwide. The game is very straightforward, with simple graphics and attractive gameplay. You will develop different strategies to win rewards as you progress along with the game. Download Planet Bomber MOD APK latest version to start playing with unlimited money and purchase any upgrade you want.

College Life MOD APK

[1.8.5] Unlimited Kisses

College Life

College Life is a top-notched NSFW game attracting millions of players worldwide. The game opens a magical door to a whole new fantasy world, where you are the hottest lad in college. Your goal is to win the ladies with your talents and revive the college with its glory. Download College Life MOD APK latest version to shop for free and dress to impress. MOD APK

[1.7.12] Premium Unlocked APK MOD is a popular action game with eye-catching graphics and exciting gameplay that engage players in the snowball battle. The game provides you with many unique experiences when throwing giant snowballs at your opponents to kick them off the playing field. That’s why you should download MOD APK latest version to enjoy unlocked premium features and see how much more exciting the game becomes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s MOD APK

[2.0.2] Premium Unlocked

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy’s has become a staple of the horror game genre that features the scare surrounding a creepy amusement park. This series of games knows how to get under its audience’s skin with many nightmare experiences. You won’t be able to take your eyes off Five Nights at Freddy’s latest version for a second. So, download Five Nights at Freddy’s MOD APK premium to enjoy all the game features for free!

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