Headway MOD APK

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Headway: Self-Growth Challenge

Reading may consume a lot of time, so most of us can find this kind of habit boring and hard to deal with, especially with thousand-page thick books. This has triggered the idea of summarizing books into 10-minute paragraphs with all of their key points in one app – Headway: Self-Growth Challenge. Download the Headway MOD APK latest version to find out about their key ideas and immediately understand your favorite books!

Baldis Basic 2020 MOD APK

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baldis basic mod menu

The way Baldis Basic 2020 operates is unique; if you carefully read the rules, you’ll discover that this is a remarkable game. Because of this, Baldis Basic 2020 will be popular in 2023


[] Premium unlocked

Download Busuu: Learn Languages (MOD, Premium Unlocked) to enjoy all premium features completely for free. If you are a language enthusiast, Busuu is one of the language learning apps you would love. The app offers a wide range of courses in various languages to study at your own pace. You can easily keep track of your progress and the lessons that you have learned. Busuu MOD APK has brought significant learning efficiency to learners thanks to its rich database and teaching and learning resources.

Duolingo MOD APK

[5.35.4] Premium/All Unlocked


Download Duolingo MOD APK to enjoy the free language-learning programs with multiple self-paced exercises for you to improve your language proficiency. You can use free virtual flashcards, multiple practice questions, and comments sections to discuss with millions of language learners worldwide. It has never been easier for you to realize your passion for learning foreign languages with Duolingo APK. Just spend 15-20 minutes a day practicing, and then you will see how your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are improved.

Quizlet MOD APK

[6.2.3] Premium Unlocked


Quizlet, a flashcard application with advanced features, is ideal for your self-study at home. You can create your study sets, access those created by instructors, or browse for those uploaded by users worldwide. Remarkably, the Quizlet gamification will help those struggling with remembering new lessons to revise knowledge more effectively. Download Quizlet MOD APK latest version and discover all premium features this tool offers!

LingoDeer MOD APK

[2.99.105] Premium Unlocked

LingoDeer is the perfect application for people who want to learn more about languages. With the motto “Learn languages smarter not harder”, LingoDeer provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic language-learning environment. You only need to spend 5 -10 minutes a day with LingoDeer MOD APK to communicate basic sentences effectively in life.